729 Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia



Established in 2007, Fuzion Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio is one of the top award winning studios in the Hampton Roads area and the first to operate legally in the City of Norfolk in over 55 years!

With a refreshingly unique atmosphere, our first-class studio is unrivaled in style and quality. With over 4,000 sqft of creative space, the first-time collector or the long-time enthusiast can appreciate this professional and clean upscale environment.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in choosing the right tattoo with the right artist. Our certified, licensed and experienced artists use the latest in industry tools and technology to help ensure your tattoo will look immaculate and stand the test of time. Sure, we’ve got some of the best flash available, but we’re a fully custom studio with artists ready to help you design your perfect custom tattoo.


Fuzion Ink features a private piercing room, so that all of your body modification needs can be met. The piercing room is a private area containing all of the necessary equipment that is kept to the highest possible hygiene standards. All of our jewelry is surgical-grade stainless steel and implant-grade titanium. No cheap, unsafe jewelry here!


With a truly rich naval and maritime history in Norfolk, Fuzion Ink Tattoo continues to carry on traditions of amazing and award-winning tattoos. Hopefully, we can be your new home for adding some amazing body art to your personal collection. Come on in and check out the shop when you get a chance!


12pm – 9pm Monday through Friday, 10am – 9pm Saturday, 12-8pm Sunday

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